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We help you in your journey of healthful eating by making it an easy everyday habit and not a special effort. Our aim is not food elimination or fasting but consciously creating healthy balanced meals whether served at the table or self-prepared. 

Enjoy the joy of eating everything and still achieve weight loss goals through our specially crafted programs. Our programs will guide you on a daily basis on how to inculcate this habit in your lifestyle seamlessly. These programs are created on the back of scientific research and studies published across the world.

We are simultaneously building a community of like minded people who not only aspires to have a wealthy lifestyle but a healthy wealthy lifestyle. Reap the benefits of this community by joining challenges, inspiring, and getting inspired by others.

For people who need more motivation and kick than all this 🙂 we have onboarded lifestyle specialty coaches who will be with you every meal of the day.

So what are we offering ?

fitCurry Makes this journey easy. We have crafted tools and programmes to make this a habit. 

Some of our offerings are:

  • Managing a journal of what you eat. Self appraisal makes us feel more engaged and more confident. We become proud of what we have achieved so far and where do we need more support.

  • Automatically track your eating window and hence also activate habit of intermittent fasting.

  • Record your recipes and save for future reference.

  • Use communities to get inspired by what others are eating, use their recipes and build your own plates. Help each other and build a tribe of your own. A motivated community keeps your spirits up and ensures that you are hooked to your habit day in and day out.

  • Join our programmes to get assisted the journey of healthy eating habit creation

  • Use coach feature to get meal by meal assistance, personalised health plan and goal management

  • Daily challenges and tribes to achieve your goals faster.

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